Below is a selection of summaries and links to my work for The Daily Telegraph for whom I worked as their Lebanon Correspondent for two years from 2005-2007. My coverage included extensive reporting of the February 2005 assassination of then Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, further assassinations of political figures and journalists, the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon, massive social/political protests, the reactions to the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad published in Danish newspapers, and most significantly the Israeli war on Lebanon in the summer of 2006. 


Lebanon votes for Hariri and an end to Syrian influence ...

June 21 2005 | By Ramsay Short in Beirut | News

Voters have emphatically rejected Syria's hold over Lebanon by giving the anti-Syrian opposition a majority after the final election round.


Flame of Islamic fury spreads to Beirut

February 6 2006 | By Ramsay Short in Beirut and Matt Barnwell | News

Thousands of Muslim demonstrators in Beirut have clashed with police, storming the Danish consulate and setting it ablaze in protest over the cartoons that mocked the Prophet Mohammed.


'Our resistance will not be broken'

July 15 2006 | By Ramsay Short in Beirut | News

Amid scenes of destruction on the outskirts of the suburb of Haret Hreik, and as Shia Muslim residents continued to flee on packed buses, small groups of Hizbollah supporters sporting yellow armbands stood armed and defiant.


Bombs fail to bring 'victory'

July 21 2006 | By Ramsay Short in Beirut and Anton La Guardia, Diplomatic Editor | News

There is growing evidence that Israel's air campaign alone is unlikely to defeat Hizbollah and has done little to stop the group from firing repeated volleys of rockets at northern Israel.


Thousands vent anger with attack on UN offices

July 31 2006 | From Ramsay Short in Beirut | News

Several thousand angry protesters smashed the windows and ransacked the offices of the headquarters of the United Nations in Beirut yesterday, venting their rage at Israel, the UN and United States after the Qana attack.


Will Hizbollah run out of missiles?

July 28 2006 | By Ramsay Short, in Beirut | News

Since Israel began its campaign against Hizbollah two weeks ago the militant group has continued to fire a barrage of rockets, mainly Katyushas, against targets in northern Israeli towns reaching deeper south than it has before.


Israelis killed in first firefight on the ground

July 20 2006 | By Tim Butcher and Ramsay Short in Beirut and Harry de Quetteville in Jerusalem | News

Two Israeli soldiers and one Hizbollah fighter died in fierce fighting that broke out yesterday when Israeli troops entered a few hundred yards into Lebanon to destroy a bunker system used by the Shia militant movement. It was the first clash on the ground since Israel launched its assault on Lebanon.


US marines land on Beirut beach to rescue Americans

July 21 2006 | By Ramsay Short in Beirut and Neil Tweedie in Nicosia | News

American marines landed back in Beirut for the first time in 23 years yesterday to help evacuate US citizens from the continued Israeli bombardment.

The black sea

August 7 2006 | By Adrian Blomfield and Ramsay Short in Beirut | News

The Mediterranean is facing an "environmental catastrophe" as millions of gallons of oil gushes from a Lebanese storage depot struck by Israeli warplanes.