Below is a selection of summaries and links to my work for The Guardian for whom I am a contributor to the paper's Comment is Free section.

Hizbullah delivers

12 Sep 2007: Ramsay Short: In contrast to Lebanon's floundering government, Hizbullah maintains its support in the areas it controls with impressive, if ruthless efficiency. 165 comments

Fog over Lebanon

23 May 2007: Ramsay Short: Conspiracy theories abound as the violence continues. 16 comments

Slipping into chaos

22 May 2007: Ramsay Short: Is the latest trouble in Lebanon the result of American or Syrian meddling? Either way, it's obvious who loses. 76 comments

Message in a bottle

24 Aug 2006: Ramsay Short: Wine in Lebanon stands for tolerance and communication between cultures. But this year's grape harvest nearly didn't happen. 6 comments

Levantine lament

17 Aug 2006: Ramsay Short: The youth of Beirut who embraced the newfound freedom of the 'Cedar Revolution' now feel only despair. 38 comments